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Lightning Bolt Performance and Features

Automated Harmonics detection of historical data applied to live markets,  including:
1. Elliot Wave Patterns
2. ABCD Patterns
3. Candlestick Reversal Patterns
4. Extreme Extended Point Price Reversal Detection
5. Profitable in live markets
6. Non-repainting indicator

Signals High Probability setups and confluences including:
1.  Automated Smart Trendlines
2. Automated Supply and Demand Zones
3. Provides automatic buy and sell signals
4. Works on any time frame
5. Works on any forex pair, indices or crypto
6. Secure profits with built in take-partial settings to let your runners run!
7. Works on Live and Demo MT4 Accounts!
8. Auto drawn fibonacci retracement.


View easy to understand Lightning bolt signals on your Metatrader 4.

About the Creator

With over 25 years of software architecture and  development experience, Squawk has already solved your trading problems before you were even introduced to him. 

While working for Corporate America, Squawk found great success in the financial industry serving to design software tools for day traders and Hedge Funds. This experience has provided him with a rare insight of how Hedge Funds and other institutional investors maneuver money through the financial markets with great success. 

Fast Forward to today,  Squawk quit his 6-figure salary job and has become a  successful full time trader who fully relies on his creation, The Lightnng Bolt Strategy, to continuously execute profitable trades. Squawk genuinely wants you to have the same success and has provided a full forex-trading system to get you there. 

Support and Community!


There is no greater boost of trading confidence than being amongst successful traders eager to help you succeed.  You will instantly gain access to our private telegram group which serves to provide a peer to peer community of at least 100 active traders who are willing to help you with questions related to strategy and setting up the bolt

Live Zoom

Scheduled and impromptu zoom sessions hosted by the creator will be offered.  During group zoom sessions confidence is developed by reviewing the Lightning Bolt trading strategy, reviewing trades and proper setups. 


Finally pass FTMO or other Prop firm challenges to gain access to over $100,000.00 to trade with….increasing personal profits! 

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Most frequent questions and answers

A Forex expert advisor is an automated system, which monitors the Forex markets and provides signals upon identifying trading opportunities. Many professional traders find them to be of benefit.

Algo King’s Lightning Bolt Strategy works on all pairs, indices and Crypto.

You will receive access to our private installation telegram group where you will be able to download the EA into your MetaTrader 4 account. You will also be enrolled in our private AlgoKing Community with other Lightning Bolt Traders.

This is a rare occurrence, however simply don’t pay the next month’s bill and you will automatically be removed from accessing our services. 

No, the cost is inexpensive for the value of this tool and what you can make.

Yes, several traders have found great success in passing FTMO Qualification & Verification using this strategy. After passing, naturally they continue using it on the cash account provided by FTMO.

Absolutely, in fact we encourage it while you learn “The Bolt’s” performance. 


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